If you have been searching for the top church builder in Fort Lauderdale, then you have come to the right place. At Walker Design and Construction we have been building churches across the state of Florida for several years and are able to build the most magnificent structures for parishes and congregations. For this, we have become the go to church builder in Fort Lauderdale and will provide you with every building need for your church.

At Walker Design and Construction we have been the primary Fort Lauderdale church builder for over 10 years and are affiliated with Building God’s Way, which is a national organization that assists churches in the design and construction of churches. By following the Scriptures, churches find that by building God’s Way the process can be one of education, harmony, and financial success, which all combine to build a ministry.

Over the years we have built more than 20 churches from Orlando to Key West. Our skilled staff of architects, draftsmen, and craftsmen has delivered quality facilities on time and on budget. As the leading general contractors in Fort Lauderdale, we are able to perform many amazing tasks for our customers. When we take on new projects, like your church, that will become our main focus and we will be completely devoted to finishing our job with no mistakes.

It is time to find a church builder in Fort Lauderdale who has the skills, experience, and knowledge to successfully design and build your church. We are sure we are the missing puzzle piece you have always been looking for and will provide you with the church of your dreams. If you would like to learn more about our church builder in Fort Lauderdale then we encourage you to contact us at Walker Design, today.