How to Prepare Your Business for a Commercial Re-Roofing

Two men work on a commercial roof as the sun setsBeginning a commercial re-roofing project can seem like a daunting task, especially when you’re trying to keep your business running smoothly. But, with proper preparation, re-roofing can enhance your property’s value, functionality, and aesthetics with minimal disruption. Here’s how you can prepare your business for a seamless re-roofing experience:

Conduct a Thorough Roof Assessment

Before you initiate the re-roofing process, it’s critical to understand the state of your existing roof. A roof assessment from a professional firm should look into the age, current condition, and any potential issues that might affect the re-roofing project. Identifying these factors early can prevent unexpected complications and ensure that the project stays within budget and on schedule.

Prepare Your Employees and Clients

Communication is key. Keep your employees informed about the re-roofing schedule and any changes that might affect their daily routines. If necessary, consider temporary arrangements like remote work or adjusted hours to minimize disruptions.

Additionally, inform your clients and customers well in advance. Assure them that it’s business as usual and remind them that any minor inconvenience is aimed at serving them better. Utilize signage and social media updates to keep everyone in the loop.

Secure the Interior and Exterior Premises

Re-roofing can sometimes involve vibrations and minor debris falling. To mitigate risks:

  • Secure fragile items: Safeguard sensitive equipment, glassware, and artwork by either relocating the items or providing additional padding.
  • Clear the perimeter: Ensure the area around your building is clear of vehicles, landscaping elements, or outdoor furniture that could be damaged.
  • Safety and Accessibility: Maintain clear access for contractors and ensure safety signage is visible to avoid accidents.

Of course, the most important step is to partner with the right roofing company – Walker Design and Construction. With more than 30 years of experience, we know that commercial re-roofing is more than just a construction project – it’s an investment in your business’s future. Specializing in roofs, design-build contracting, and more, we understand the nuances of ensuring a smooth re-roofing process while keeping your business functional. Call us today at 561-247-7477  to learn more about how we can help with your commercial re-roofing project.

What To Consider When Designing and Building a New Church Structure

White and gray church.Building a new church is not just about putting up a structure. It’s about creating a space that will foster community, serve as a sanctuary for worship, and stand as a testament to faith for generations to come. So, the design and building process will require a delicate balance of aesthetics, functionality, and spiritual significance. With that in mind, here’s what to consider before building or adding on to your church:

Understanding the Needs of the Congregation

Before drawing up blueprints or selecting materials, it’s crucial to understand the needs and aspirations of the congregation. It’s wise to engage in open dialogues and surveys to determine how the church will be used and the features required. This could range from multi-purpose rooms for community gatherings to specific sacred spaces like chapels or prayer rooms. Tailoring the design to the congregation’s needs will allow the church to become a genuine reflection of the community it serves.

Architectural and Spiritual Aesthetics

A church should be aesthetically pleasing, but every design choice should echo the spiritual values and mission of the congregation. From the design of the stained-glass windows to the acoustics for choral singing, each element should be chosen with care. The architecture should blend seamlessly with sacred symbols, which will allow worshippers to feel a deeper connection to their faith.

Leave Room for Future Expansion

As your congregation grows, your church may need to adapt. That’s why it’s wise to design your church with future expansion in mind. This might mean leaving spaces that can be developed later or using materials that are easy to match in future construction.

With the many considerations to keep in mind, designing and building a new church can seem daunting. That’s why the most important decision to make during this process is what contractor you want to partner with. Here at Walker Design and Construction, we not only have more than three decades of experience in the construction field, we are also a longtime affiliate of Building God’s Way, a national organization that assists in the design and construction of churches.

Call us today at 561-247-7477  to learn more about how we can help the design and build or your church!

What To Look for in A Full-Service General Contractor

An overhead view of an engineer sitting at a table with a bunch of paper plans as well as a tablet and a yellow construction hat.Whether you’re planning a new construction project or giving a facelift to an existing property, hiring a reliable general contractor is essential. As your construction partner, a full-service general contractor can handle everything from design to execution to hiring the right sub-contractors for certain jobs, providing a seamless, stress-free process. So, how do you know what to look for in a full-service general contractor?

Experience and Reputation

First, look for a contractor with a proven track record. Experience is vital because it provides a sense of reliability and assurance that the contractor can handle complex projects. Years of experience bring in-depth knowledge, skilled craftsmanship, relationships with quality sub-contractors, and an ability to anticipate potential construction challenges. Additionally, a reputable contractor often has positive client testimonials and reviews. Online reviews and word-of-mouth referrals can provide an accurate picture of their work quality and customer service.

Range of Services

A full-service general contractor should offer a wide range of services to cover all your construction needs. Your contractor should essentially be a one-stop solution. Design-build contractors are a boon for any project as they can streamline the process, from the initial concept design to the completion of the construction. They’ll facilitate coordination between workers, timely project delivery, and overall cost efficiency.

Proper Licensing and Insurance

Always be certain your potential contractor is properly licensed and insured. Licenses signify that the contractor complies with local construction codes and regulations, ensuring the safety and quality of the work. Insurance, meanwhile, protects you from potential liability in the event of accidents or damages during the project.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

Look for a contractor who offers transparent pricing and provides a detailed estimate before starting work. This is not to say you should just go with the cheapest bid, but it’s important to know that you’re getting fair value for your money. Make sure all costs – including labor, materials, and any potential extra charges – are clearly outlined before any work begins.

With over three decades in the industry, we understand that finding the right general contractor can feel daunting. Here at Walker Design and Construction, we provide world-class full-service general contracting services, ensuring our clients’ projects are completed to the highest standards. We strive to make your construction process smooth and stress-free. Call us today at 561-247-7477  to learn more about how we can help with your project!

The Advantages of Using Aluminum as a Building Material

A building's canopy, made partly out of aluminumIf you’re in the planning stages of a major construction project or will be in the near future, you’re likely considering what materials to use. Depending on the type of project, one material you be mulling over is aluminum.

Aluminum is a versatile material that comes with a lot of benefits. Here’s why you should consider using it for your construction project:

It’s Resistant to Corrosion

One of the biggest advantages to using aluminum is that it naturally generates a protective coating, making it resistant to corrosion. When an oxidizing agent comes into contact with the aluminum, the thin coat is formed. This layer helps prevent corrosion such as rust. Surface treatments can further enhance the corrosions resistance.

It’s Lightweight

The weight per square inch of aluminum is about one-third of that of steel. This has a few benefits, including making the material both cheaper and easier to transport. Yet, it’s a fairly strong material. And that strength can be enhanced by using various alloying elements. Everyone wants to be as efficient as possible with spending during a construction project and using aluminum as a material will help you do just that!

Other Benefits

Despite being thin and lightweight, aluminum is still impermeable so don’t expect it to be damaged easily. Additionally, it doesn’t give off any specific odor, it’s non-toxic, and can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s also a 100% recyclable material that retains its original properties during the recycling process. Generally, it’s cheaper to use recycled aluminum rather than metal fresh out of the ground.

If you’re in the process of planning a construction project that may require the use of aluminum, Walker Design and Construction Co. can be of service. We manufacture aluminum sheet, foil, and plate that can be used to build many different structures, including canopies, trellises, awnings, sunshades, and more. We can even sit down with you to map out a plan before the work actually begins and then use our aluminum services to deliver you a quality product. Call us today at 561-247-7477  to learn more about our services!

The Benefits of Using a Full-Service General Contractor

A circular building being constructed with cranesIf your company is building a new commercial structure or doing major renovations or additions to an existing structure, the construction process can be a long and stressful one, full of potential pitfalls.

Before you can even begin the process, you must outsource some of the work in all likelihood. That includes design work, construction, and basically everything that takes you from the current state of affairs to the moment the new space is fully finished and able to be used. In this situation, it’s so important to hire a full-service, licensed general contractor. Here’s what they’ll do for you:

Gets Everyone on the Same Page

No matter what kind of commercial development you’re planning, you’ll want the process to be completed as quickly and for as low a cost as possible, without sacrificing quality. Any issues or mistakes caused by a lack of communication will slow you down and cost you more. As a project owner, any miscommunications between contractors will fall on you. And getting updates from so many different people will be difficult and confusing. A full-service general contractor will ensure that you have one point of contact, who will keep you apprised of any updates and will handle communication between sub-contractors.

Oversee Everything

When it comes to a major construction project on your company’s new space, the amount of people to hire and the many phases of the project can be overwhelming. A full-service general contractor will manage everything so that the transitions from the idea phase to design to hiring subcontractors to managing the construction process to the opening of your new facility all go smoothly. Much easier than managing several different contractors on your own.

Greater Quality Control

Depending on what type of business you run, you may have no idea where to start when it comes to hiring a bunch of different reliable contractors. And there are so many needed to get your from start to finish: architects, interior designers, roofers, electricians, plumbers, painters, construction crews, and more. A full-service general contract will handle brining in sub-contractors, and they’ll know how to choose firms that do quality work.

If you’re planning a commercial development project, you need an experienced full-service general contractor on your side. Walker Design & Construction Co. specializes in doing commercial development and design-build construction in South Florida and all over the state. We’ll guide you through both the planning and execution stages of your project. Call us today at 561-247-7477  to learn more.

Benefits to Installing a Commercial Re-roof System

A worker installs a metal commercial roofWhen you own a business, there are so many things you have on your mind at any given time. There are customers to deal with, employees to manage, unexpected obstacles that pop up from time to time. The last thing you want to worry about is your roof.

A roof is instrumental to your business functioning as it should, but you may not realize that until the roof isn’t fulfilling its designed purpose. If you’re in that situation, you should consider a commercial re-roof system. Here are a few reasons why:

It Will Solve Your Issues

The main function of a roof is to keep the elements outside. In most cases, that means rain. When a roof starts to age or incurs damage of some kind, it will start to become less functional. This can lead to water leaking into your place of business, which is obviously a major issue. A commercial re-roof system will make your roof weathertight once again.

It’s More Affordable

If and when you do start having issues with leaking water or something of that nature, you may think it’s time for a new roof entirely. But that can be an expensive proposition and every dollar counts when you’re running a business. Instead of ripping off your old roof and putting in a new one, a commercial re-roofing system will build the new roof on top of the old one. This will save you significant money, while also solving whatever problems were occurring with the old roof.

It Won’t Disrupt Your Business as Much

The traditional process of removing an old roof and installing a new one can cause major interruption to business operations. It can be difficult to conduct business of any kind while there’s also major construction going on. Plus, it may not be safe to have employees and customers in the building during the stage when the roof is being removed. But the commercial re-roofing process is much smoother and quicker, allowing for minimal interruptions.

If you own a commercial building that is in need of a new roof, consider a commercial re-roofing system from Walker Design and Construction. Out Florida-based business can offer you a number of different roofing colors and styles. Give us a call at (561)247-7477 to get the process started.