The Advantages of Using Aluminum as a Building Material

A building's canopy, made partly out of aluminumIf you’re in the planning stages of a major construction project or will be in the near future, you’re likely considering what materials to use. Depending on the type of project, one material you be mulling over is aluminum.

Aluminum is a versatile material that comes with a lot of benefits. Here’s why you should consider using it for your construction project:

It’s Resistant to Corrosion

One of the biggest advantages to using aluminum is that it naturally generates a protective coating, making it resistant to corrosion. When an oxidizing agent comes into contact with the aluminum, the thin coat is formed. This layer helps prevent corrosion such as rust. Surface treatments can further enhance the corrosions resistance.

It’s Lightweight

The weight per square inch of aluminum is about one-third of that of steel. This has a few benefits, including making the material both cheaper and easier to transport. Yet, it’s a fairly strong material. And that strength can be enhanced by using various alloying elements. Everyone wants to be as efficient as possible with spending during a construction project and using aluminum as a material will help you do just that!

Other Benefits

Despite being thin and lightweight, aluminum is still impermeable so don’t expect it to be damaged easily. Additionally, it doesn’t give off any specific odor, it’s non-toxic, and can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s also a 100% recyclable material that retains its original properties during the recycling process. Generally, it’s cheaper to use recycled aluminum rather than metal fresh out of the ground.

If you’re in the process of planning a construction project that may require the use of aluminum, Walker Design and Construction Co. can be of service. We manufacture aluminum sheet, foil, and plate that can be used to build many different structures, including canopies, trellises, awnings, sunshades, and more. We can even sit down with you to map out a plan before the work actually begins and then use our aluminum services to deliver you a quality product. Call us today at 561-247-7477  to learn more about our services!